3 Italian vermouths from the Piedmonte

The vermouth takes its name from the absinthe plants « wermut ». It is a very famous drinkin Italy, has an alcohol rate between 14,5% and 22% and is made with white wines. It can bedrank during « aperetivos », in cocktails but can also be used in the kitchen. Here is ourselection of three vermouths we love:

Martini Gran Lusso (16%)

Muscat based combines with the Barbera and Trebbiano grapes as well as plantsmacerations. It’s brilliant oaked to add a spicy touch but we can still feel a very nice taste oflavander and rose.Approx selling price: $55

Mulassano Blanco (18%)

Amazing vermouth from Turin produced exclusively for the famous Caffè Mulassano! It’s avery herbal one with lemon, orange and grapefruit touches. That makes the perfect balancefor an after-dinner drink!Approx selling price: $30

Dopo Teatro Cocchi Vermouth Amaro (16%)

Another evening drink perfectly suitable for an after dinner thirst or before-dinner drink!The Borolo grape is added to the wine as well as aromatic herbs such as rhubarb, cinammon& quinine.Approx selling price: $40


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