Can you drink wine with chocolate?

When looking for something to drink with a dark chocolate dessert most people would never think that red wine could be a good match but did you know that red wine and dark chocolate have something in common? They both have strong tannins...

Yes indeed, tannins can be found in the grape’s skin but also in the cocoa bean. A tannic red wine would then go very well with a chocolate that is composed of at least 75% cocoa.

If you are having some chocolate that is composed of less than 75% cocoa we would recommend going for some bubbles. Most sparkling wines will work well but we recommend a Champagne Rosé from France or maybe good quality sparkling red wines like the ones that are produced in Australia.

Wine tannins can sometimes make you feel like it’s not going to work with the chocolate

tannins and you would be right to think so. Several wines experts would tell you that red

wine and chocolate is just never a good match. This is why if you like sweet wines we would

recommend you to go for a Port wine. They are a good match for more or less all types of

chocolates. A Late Bottled Vintage is a must!

Red wine, sparkling wine, port wines,... there are couple of good options if you are looking

for something to drink with your chocolate!

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