How long can a wine bottle stay open?

Once the bottle is open, the wine will be in contact with air and so will get oxidised. The first

oxidation is always interesting as it allows the wine to open and express its aromas. This is

why it’s important to shake your glass before the first sip or sometimes, when it’s needed,

to decant your wine. On the other hand, if the wine stays in contact with the air for too long

it can destroy its precious aromas and flavours!

Generally speaking, red wines and white wines are to be drunk within 2-3 days after the

bottle has been opened. The first day the wine opens and unfolds its aromas thanks to the

oxidation process. The second day the wine gets a lot more oxidised, it becomes heavy and

you can tell it’s not as tasty as it was the day before. The third day is the day your wine will

start to smell like vinegar… this is the sign that tells you it’s not to be drunk anymore…

To conserve your wine properly it’s recommended to:

1 – Close your wine bottle with a cork designed to extract the air inside the bottle thanks to

a vacuum pump.

2 – Store your wine in the fridge, even your red wine! Just take it out the fridge an hour

before drinking it so it’s at room temperature.

If you don’t finish your bottle within three days and you can feel that your wine smells like

vinegar you can always use it to cook an amazing red wine sauce to go with your beef or use

your white wine to cook a risotto!

If you would like to know more about oxygen management in wine, click on this video


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