How to make Rosé wine?

Firstly, it is good to know that the red colour in red wines and rosé wines come from the

natural dyes that we can find in the grapes’ skins.

Red wine is made by crushing the grapes to extract its juice (that is not red!). Then the

grapes’ skins are left in contact with the juice and that gives the grape juice a red colour.

It is quite obvious to say that the longer the maceration, the darker and more richly flavored

the wine will have. The big difference between Rosé wines and Red wines is that the reds

would macerate for weeks or even months whereas the rosé wines would only macerate for

less than 6 to 48 hours.

This method to produce Rosé wines is the most frequently used in the world: it is the same

technique as the one used to make red wines but the grapes’ skin macerate for less time

with the grape juice before the fermentation. It’s as simple as that!

left photo : ChateauDesDemoiselles


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