Robert Parker retires

Robert Parker is one of the most famous wine critics of all times and recently retired at the

age of 71. But who was Robert Parker?

Robert Parker is the inventor of the 100 points ranking system that is now used worldwide

to rate wines and these points are of course called “Parker Points”. Parker brought to the

industry tasting guidelines to rate wines.

Among them we can find:

 The independence between wine producers, wine tasters and the press

 All wines must be tasted blind

 All wines must be compared within their category

 All wines will use the 100 points scale no matter the style or where they are from

Parkers had many detractors who blamed him for contributing to the the global wine

standardization: the wine “parkerisation”. Like every wine lover he has tastes and likes and

he imposed quality criteria such as the use of new barrels to enhance vanilla taste.

Robert Parker ‘s tastes and power in the industry are obvious and he has and will continue

to have a high influence in the wine industry. He is listened by hundreds of thousands of

people all around the world and you can be sure that a good Parker note will sell all your

bottles at a higher price.

Whatever you can think about the him, you can’t disagree that his main strengths will

always remain his impartiality and his righteousness for each and every wine he has tasted.


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