Which wine goes with with glass

You would have probably noticed in wine bars and restaurants that it exists several kinds of

glasses with different shapes. Each shape would have an effect on the development of the

aromas of the wine. This is why each type of wine would have a glass shape that suits their

characteristics best. Let’s have a look at the four most common ones.

Red wine

Red wine glasses have a large base as well as a wide converging opening. Red wines need

space to get enough oxygen in order to express their complex aromas. Wines with strong

tannins tend to taste smoother from a glass with a wide opening.

White wine

White wine glasses are typically served in small-bowled glasses. Glasses are thinner and

with a longer sten. The capacity in the glass is smaller than the red wine glass because it’s

preferable to drink white wine fresher than red wine.

Rosé wine

Rosé wine glasses are medium-sized because it’s important that they don’t get too much

oxygen. They are longer but thinner than red wine glasses with a converging opening that

allows to have a good expression of its aromas.

Sparkling wine

Sparkling wine glasses are the longest and thinnest of all. This allows bubbles to stay in the

wine for a longer period of time. It’s even more important if you are having a not-so-bubbly

sparkling wine. The opening is small so the nose is outside the glass and is not disturbed by

the bubbles.

You can find many different styles and variations of glass shapes described above but for the

same wine you can have different tastes and smells if you taste it in different glasses!


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