Wine bottle sizes

Generally speaking, the smaller the bottle, the shorter the wine conservation time. Basically,the same wine will reach its peak faster in a normal sized bottle than in a magnum. This ismainly due to the oxidation happenning in every bottle. As weird as it sounds, all wineformats above 3L have biblical names!

Below is the guide to wine bottle sizes:

Piccolo or Split (187.5 ml): mainly used for Champagne

Half (375 ml): half a bottle of the standard 75cl size

Standard (750 ml): the most famous bottle size

Magnum (1.5 L): two standard bottles

Double Magnum (3.0 L): two Magnums bottles

Jeroboam (4.5 L): six standard bottles

Imperial (6.0 L): eight standard bottles

Salmanazar (9.0 L): twelve standard bottles

Balthazar (12.0 L): sixteen standard bottles

Nebuchadnezzar (15.0 L): twenty standard bottles.

Solomon (or Melchior) (18.0 L): twenty four standard bottles. Hoping that this would have made you thirsty or keen to read the bible!


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